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News Report

Doubles K.O

Author: Craig Nicholson, 19/09/10

Monday 13th June FINAL at Civil Service Club HINSON/WHITTINGTON (Phoenix)5v2 NICHOLSON/WILDE (Spot On A) (ref J Jewitt )


PHOENIX CLUB (ref C Mellor )
JOHNSON/LEDWOOD (Wharncliffe B) 1v4

TUESDAY 17th MAY , 8.30 start.
WHARNCLIFFE (ref J Jewitt)
WALLER/HIGGINS (Civil Service A)

Quarter Finals
Civil Service Club
Higgins/Waller 3v 1
Hunt/Campbell (Dev A)

Forty Foot B
Rodgers/Gittens 2v3
Hinson/Whittington (Phoenix)

Wharncliffe B
Johnson / Ledwood 3v 2
Cook/ Keye (Phoenix)

Smith/Humphreys 2v3
Nicholson/Wilde (Spot On A)

3rd Round Draw

Coach & Horses
Simmons / Dronfield 1v2
Johnson / Ledwood (Wharncliffe B)

Devonshire A
Hunt / Campbell 2v0
Fox / Sanderson (Spot On B)

Forty Foot B
Rodgers / Gittens 2v0
Brooks / Appleyard (Miners B)

Miners A
Ward / Ward 0v2
Nicholson / Wilde (Spot On A)

Pheasant Wadsley Bridge A
Elwis / Fowler 0v2
Cook / Keye (Phoenix)

Padley / Fearn 0v2
Higgins / Waller (Civil A)

Spot On B
Daley /Swift 0v2
Hinson / Whittington (Phoenix)

Whancliffe B
Smith / Humphreys beat

Goddard / S Humphreys (Wharncliffe B)

2nd Round Results
Oldham/Jones 0v2
Higgins/Waller(Civil A)

Coach & Horses
Simmons/Dronfield 2v 1
Marshall/Moremont (Miners A)

Civil Service A
Clark/Smith 1v2
Ward/Ward (Miners A)

Devonshire A
Hunt/Campbell 2v0
Wigfull/Tuckwood (Old Blue Ball)

Devonshire B
Curtis/C Evans 1v2
Johnson/Ledwood (Wharncliffe B)

Forty Foot A
Nelson/Harrison 0v2
Daley/Swift (Spot On B)

Forty Foot B
Sides/Doyle 0v2
Rodgers / Gittens (Forty Foot B)

Pheasant Wadsley Bridge A
Elwis/Fowler 2v1
Abramiuk /Jewitt (Civil A )

Padley/Fearn 2v0
Willis/Smith (Miners A)

Phoenix ( Greengate Lane)
Hinson/Whittington 2v1
Allcroft/Hewitt (Golf Club)

Sportsman B
Partoon/Parkin 1v2
Fox/Sanderson (Spot On B)

Spot On A
Nicholson/Wilde 2v0
Parkin/Shaw (Dev B)

Spot On B
Revill/Goddard 0v2
Cook/Keye (Phoenix)

Wharncliffe B
Smith/Humphreys 2v1
Iggo/Barlow (Golf Club)

Goddard/S Humphreys 2v0
Walker/Jammd (Sportsman A)

Wharncliffe A
Boot/Boot lost to
Brooks/Appleyard (Miners B)

1st Round RESULTS
Harrison / Durrans 0v2 Curtis / C Evans (Dev B)

Civil Service A
Clark / Smith 2v0 Abbott / Sargant (Spot On)
Abramiuk / Jewitt 2v0 Sides / Harris (Malin)
Higgins / Waller bt Jefford / Jefford (Phoenix A)

Concord Golf Club
Iggo / Barlow 2v0 Lawton / Cross (Dev A)

Devonshire B
Parkin / Shaw 2v0 Hallam / Wallace (Angel)

Forty Foot A
Nelson / Harrison 2v0 Wilkins / Wilkins (Golf Club)

Forty Foot B
Sides / Doyle 2v0 Dixon / Hadley (Miners A)

Copeland / Dumpleton 0v2 Oldham / Jones (Angel)
St Claire / Edley 1v2 Goddard / S Humphreys (Wharncliffe B)
Adam / Kemp lost to Brooks / Appleyard (Miners B)
Harrison / Scarborough 1v2 Hunt / Campbell (Devonshire A)

Coach & Horses
Willies / Willis 1v2 Partoon / Parkin (Sportsman B)
Simmons / Dronfield 2v0 Homer / Hague (Wharncliffe A)

Noahs Ark
Fox / Sanderson 2v0 Holland / Holland (Phoenix )
Revill / Goddard bt Weatherill / Weatherill (Phoenix Club A)
Daley /Swift 2v0 Ryalls / Revill (Malin)

Pheasant Wadsley Bridge A
Elwis / Fowler 2v1 Strout / R Evans ( Dev B
Padley / Fearn 2v1 Brown /Offord (Pheasant WB B)

Pheasant Wadsley Bridge B
Neil / Major lost to Ward / Ward (Miners A) 

Phoenix ( Greengate Lane)
Hinson / Whittington bt Oakland / Quixall (Angel)
Cook / Keye 2v0 Thompson / Thompson (Civil A)

Phoenix Club A
Flewett / Shepherd lost to Boot /Boot (Wharncliffe A)
Green / Holmes lost to Rodgers / Gittens (Forty Foot B)

Sportsman A
Powell / Bennett 0v2 Johnson / Ledwood (Wharncliffe B)

Sportsman B 
Raynes / Raynes 0v2 Allcroft / Hewitt (Golf Club)

Spot On
Nicholson / Wilde 2v0 Garnett / Jackson (Miners B)

Wilde / Andrews 1v2 Walker / Jammd (Sportsman A)

Willis / Smith (Miners A)
Smith / Humphreys ( Wharncliffe B)
Marshall / Moremont (Miners A)
Wigfull / Tuckwood (Old Blue Ball)


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